Wednesday, July 21, 2010

From the Ramapo Chamber of Commerce

Earlier this week, Lynette Taylor, wife of NFL linebacker Lawrence Taylor appeared on the Larry King show to defend her husband claiming he did not rape a teenager at the Holiday Inn in Ramapo, NY.

I have a particular interest in this story, not because I'm some diehard Giant fan, but because I was once employed at the Holiday Inn. Although originally it was called the Holidome and later affectionately known to locals, as the HoliDump.

It was built during that nightmarish architectural time period when putting a dome on hotels or malls or even playing fields seemed to fascinate Americans. It stems from this unholy obsession about putting things inside other things.

The centerpiece of the Holidome was the over-chlorinated kidney shaped pool. I worked in the kitchen preparing room service meals but was quite friendly with all the staff. Particularly the pool maintenance crew, who took great delight in saturating the water with chemicals on the very first of the month, so they could spend quality time smoking dope out by the dumpsters. Which was always well populated with other HoliDump staff just trying to make it through their shift.

I don't know much about the details of Lawrence Taylor's case. And there's nothing funny about rape. But I will say this.

If he was booked at the now-very-run down Holiday Inn in Ramapo, he is certainly guilty of poor taste. Especially when just down the road in Mahwah, NJ, there's the lovely Sheraton Crossroads.

They don't have a dome, but they do have a nice atrium.

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Ellen November said...

New York State architecture at its finest. Very impressive addition to your resume Rich!