Thursday, July 15, 2010


The other night I got an email from Juliana. The picture to the left may or may not be her, I just found it through a random Internet search.

Much the same way Juliana found me.

Here's the text of her email:

I am lovely Juliana,i drop at your profile I love what i saw there, i believe we can get acquainted if it interest you get back to me and more,i am
cute,Accommodate,caring,Affectionate and very lively,I am of
the school of thought that believes in the maxim that says It is good to love And be Loved.Love should be sharing ,True,Honest and caring.I need a man who posses all this Attributes and Qualities.I have all the Qualities that a man
desires and Craves in a woman.You can contact me direct to my email address here for me to send you my pictures ok,Please contact me direct to my private Email;

Now, I'm a happily married man and father of two. So as fetching and crave-worthy as Juliana might sound, I'm afraid a long lasting relationship is out of the question.

But maybe you are a lonely man. Or a lonely woman, I'm pretty sure Juliana will accommodate all responders. Or maybe you're just looking for some digital companionship. Well, that's why I'm generously passing along Juliana's email address. Feel free to drop her a line. If you want, you can use my name.

Just tell her "undisclosed recipient" sent you.

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