Monday, July 26, 2010

A Blown Job

Last week we passed an important milestone at roundseventeen. This is the 301st entry, making last Thursday's entry, number 300.
I never thought this thing would last longer than a week, much less a year and a half.

I came upon the news that I had reached 300 rather accidently and so I don't have any big monumental celebrations planned. Usually I take these landmark opportunities to change the tagline, but frankly I've been so busy with work (the writing that actually pays the bills) that I don't have any new taglines to share.

Besides, I'm not sure I can top "At the corner of west coast optimism and Bronx-born nihilism." But I'm certainly open to any reader suggestions.

Speaking of readers, I did notice a very significant uptick in the traffic lately. And I think I know why.

Most of you come here via my links on Facebook. As of late the Facebook linking function is acting a little weird. In the past it would display a picture as well as a paragraph of copy from the posting. Now however, there are no words provided with the link. It's just a picture and a snappy headline.

Accordingly, I've adjusted my approach to take full advantage of this blind tease. With suggestive pictures and headlines that appeal to the more baser instincts (hence today's headline).

And it's working.

On July 15th I posted an email I got from an Internet scammer with the accompanying picture of a hot chick in a bikini. That entry was the most popular, most read entry in more than a year and a half of blogging. All those cleverly crafted anecdotes and anguished turns of phrase, even my proudly-published columns on the Huffington Post, all trumped by a strumpet in a thong.

This says more about you than it does about me.

I just hope you're proud of yourself.


plaidbus said...

Just shut it and make with more bikini pictures, Siegel.

Dean Morrison/John Dondey said...

"Your blogs are about sex. The abundance of bare flesh is your last gasp at trying to give redundant stories a new identity."


Calvin Klein