Tuesday, February 12, 2013

The Further Adventures of Sassy Tugwell

As someone who gets paid a lot of money to sit in front of a keyboard and basically talk with my fingers, I can come clean and say I spend a lot of time goofing off.

There are people who can plop themselves down and clack away from 9 to 5 without ever taking a break, those people are called writers. As I have often claimed I am not one of them. I have a vocational ADD and need constant distraction.

Last week, during one of these non-writing jaunts, I took some time to see who has been looking at my linkedin.com profile. This wasn't completely recreational, because as a freelance consultant I always need to know where my next gig is coming from.

Here's what I discovered:

I can't explain why a Senior Client Manager from CIGNA in Charlotte, North Carolina was looking at my resume, but I'm glad she did.

Her name is Sassy Tugwell. I couldn't find any pictures of Sassy Tugwell on the Internet but I did find a drag queen from Key West, Florida and her (his) name was Sassy.

And that seemed to be good enough.

A few days ago I had another curious profile stalker by the name of Monica Slabyak. Clearly not as funny as Sassy Tugwell. Then it occurred to me, rather than wait for people with funny names to look at my linkedin, what if I were to set the bait by looking for them?

So, now I am waiting patiently, with fingers crossed, hoping to get pinged back by Kym E. Morehead, Fa Kyu and Aly Cummings Risings.

I'm also tempted to actually initiate a linked connection with this man...

I better get back to work now.

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