Thursday, February 7, 2013

Worthless Windbags

I know today is Thursday but as many of might also know I pre-write these blog entries in accordance with my very busy schedule. So while you may be reading this today (Thursday), for me it is actually Sunday.

More accurately, it is Super Bowl Sunday. I should be home preparing a sheet of betting boxes, dicing up habaneros for my signature 5-alarm chili, and icing up various flavors of low calorie beer.

But I’m not.
I’m stuck at the office working.
OK, I’m blogging, but I am at the keyboard, so technically I'm working.

Without getting into too many specifics, I’m involved with a very big project with very high stakes on the line. And so sacrifices have to be made. I’ve cancelled vacations before. Missed birthday parties before. And dragged my sorry ass into the office when I didn’t want to before.

These are accepted and expected parts of life in the glamorous world of advertising.

This notion of sacrifice however seems to have eluded our political leaders.

Back in December, when the media wasn’t telling us about the War on Christmas, they were pounding us over the head with the Fiscal Cliff. And how, if it wasn’t averted, our economy and the economy of the entire free world could go right in the shitter.

That didn’t seem to faze the 535 scoundrels who comprise both houses of Congress. They, supposedly committed to a career of public service, made it clear that had no intention of canceling or otherwise interrupting their important Christmas vacation plans.

Really? The fate of the planet and 8 billion people is less important than eating honey baked ham with your family and singing hackneyed Christmas songs written by old gay Jews.

The point is this.
If I can give up one of the most important days of the year, come in to the office and pretend to work, they should be willing, in a time of crisis, to stick around D.C. and pretend to lead.

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Jeff said...

Worthless Windbags. Fillmore '89.