Monday, February 11, 2013

The Ruminatti

The New World Order. The Trilateral Commission. The Bilderberg Group. Free Masons. The False Flag Killings of American Citizens by Drug-Induced Zombies. The Free Proliferation of Kosher Salt.

The folks who come up with this conspiratorial stuff have a vivid imagination. They have a lot of time on their hand. And they have the freedom to ruminate. What they don't have, are facts. But that has never stopped anybody from spreading incredulous non-truths on the Internet, where bat shit crazy paranoia is almost as prevalent as porn.

More recently, these tin-foil hat wearers suggested that the slaying of 20 children in Newtown, CT was nothing but a ruse to sway public opinion and bring about a ban on military assault weapons. I'm not sure whether they believe the children didn't actually die or that the parents, the local police, the neighbors and of course the media, were all part of a huge conspiracy and just "staged" the event.

Frankly, I have more important things to do with my time than to burrow any deeper down their little anti-Semitic rabbit hole.

Because in the end, that's what this is all about.

It's thinly-veiled propaganda pointing the finger of blame at the world's favorite scapegoat, the Jews. In case you hadn't heard, Jews were responsible for the Bubonic Plague, The Slave Trade, the birth of Capitalism, and Communism, the ominous design on the US dollar bill, and even the Holocaust. That's right, we Jews agreed to fabricate Aryan Anti-semitism and sacrifice 6 million of our own in order to gain the world's sympathy and tip their opinion in our favor.

We're just that clever. Of course all of this willfully ignores the impossibility of a conspiracy. After all, if you put two Jews in a room, you come out with three opinions.

I was reading one "Illuminatti Scholar" (an oxymoron if there ever was one) who claimed the movement was born in Scotland. He documents the Jewish origin of many of Scotland's leading families, the Sinclairs, Stuarts, Campbells, Caldwells and Cowans (Cohen, naturally). And claims they all took their lead from The Rothschilds, Sabbatean Jewish Cabalists.

This is all fascinating to me because I am of Jewish and Scottish descent. You'd think if there were some all powerful, all-knowing body of Hebraic/Gaelic world dominators, they would call me to do some of their banner ads. Or a brochure. Something.

Last week, America heard quite a bit about the Illuminatti when astute observers caught Beyonce flashing a 'secret' hand signal to the 2 billion people watching the Super Bowl. I don't know what she was signaling. Or what she was flashing. Me and the other billion men viewing the game were not watching her hands.

It's easy to scoff at such nonsense.

But I believe the Beyonce incident was simply a diversion. You see Satan was working his dark magic on that Super Sunday. He cleverly hid his End Times message in the form of a Hyundai commercial. While it's all good, it gets really good at about the 2:05 mark.

I've now watched all his youtube videos. The man is certifiably insane. But he is also doing us all a great favor.

You see, sane, rational, logic-loving people like myself could never discredit or even put a dent in the Illuminatti/TriLateral/New World Order/ZOG occupied movement.

But thanks to the democratizing technology of the Internet and accessibility of video cameras, stout, synapse-deficient men like Third Eagle, can.

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