Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Monkey Business Part 2

Having been in the ad world for more than 20 years, I can tell you that every buying decision you've ever made has been dissected, analyzed, compartmentalized and conveniently categorized.

You may not know you're an Adventurous, Dominant Influencer or a Socially Active Persuader or even Cautious Recessive Prosumer. But believe me, they do.

They being The Man.

The marketing genii who place the gift shops at the end of every amusement park ride. Or scent the casinos in Las Vegas with lilac because it makes people gamble more. They're good. They've done their homework.

They know you're more likely to buy a new car when you see it under a big, circus-like red and white tent. They know the magical seductive power of helium balloons and giant twirling arrows. They can get you to buy a baby Steinway simply by placing a huge inflatable Orca on top of the store. Even if you've never tinkled the ivories.

They've even discovered that despite the apparent incongruity, that you will eat more raw fish upon seeing a man in a gorilla suit. Particularly odd since gorillas don't eat fish, nor are they indigenous to Japan.

Nevertheless, here I am with a sushi-hawking gorilla.

Once again I feel obliged to point out, I'm the one behind the camera.


Jeff said...

Many people don't know this but Sushi Hawking is actually Stephen's younger brother. And that's not a costume. I don't care how smart they are, that family is cursed.

Dean's List said...

Usually there is a large fish out there but with the Phoenix Sun Gorilla in town on an off day, was a chance for him to pick up some extra work. I think the photo op was just a "fluke".

plaidbus said...

There's also Frog guy and a panda guy...makes no sense. But it really is the world's worst location for a sushi restaurant...