Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Return to Sender

Is there anything more gratifying than catching someone red-handed? I think not.

Last week my neighbor came running to my door and said she spotted a man walking his pit bull in the neighborhood. She watched in horror as the dog "dumped all his shares of Ralston Purina" on one of the neighbor's lawn. He didn't bother to scoop up his belongings, he just continued walking away.

I ran out the door and stealthily followed the man to this house on Motor Ave.

Surging with adrenaline, I confronted the guy and shamed him into going back to the scene of the crime and pick up his 'property.' He claimed he normally picks up after his dog however he ran out of plastic baggies after the dog had already done some previous business.

I'm no veterinarian or fecal forensic technician, but without going into too much graphic detail I can tell you, with just a cursory glance, that was NOT the dog's second movement of the day. In other words, his quickly fabricated excuse was just that.

And that's OK.

Because now when I find errant poopie on my grass, I know just where to take it.

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