Monday, May 24, 2010

Runaway Mickey, Runaway

Last week, as many you know, was Everybody Draw Mohammed Day. I've recreated what I think to be the best of the many submissions. Best, because it is hardly offensive and remarkably simple.

It also points out the absolute absurdity of the Depict Mohammed/Don't Depict Mohammed situation.

I'm not about to launch into any kind of long winded discussion about freedom of speech. Or the illogical belief that since you subscribe to the tenets of the Koran I must as well. It should be noted that as I am writing this, I am eating a bacon and cheese sandwich on a Sabbath morning, a proud violation of all three great monotheistic religions.

But the fact that this simple 2 stroke piece of animation could by some strange stretch of the imagination merit a death threat, should have us all back on our heels.

Maybe you don't care if they come to Culver City with a sharpened scimitar and try to separate my head from my body. But just know, that after they come for me, they will not stop. They'll come for everything that's near and dear to your heart.

Including Mickey Mouse...

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