Monday, April 13, 2009

This company is hiring!

I have enjoyed being a freelance Copywriter/Creative Director for the past five years.

But as we are all too well aware, the economy is in the dumper and ad agencies have been hit especially hard.

Last week, Team One , Saatchi and Saatchi and my alma mater, TBWA Chiat/Day announced big layoffs. (Actually I've worked at all three shops, but Chiat will always be home.)

In any case, it is becoming harder and harder to find employment.

But the Lord, or fate, moves in mysterious ways.
When a door is closed, the flap of a yurt is opened.

Two days ago I dashed my resume and online portfolio ( off to Achmed Ben Moustaffa, Chief Creative Officer for one Afghanistan’s Top Ten Agencies (recently awarded a B+ in Adweek’s Agency Report Card for their breakthrough work on Mountain Dew).

I think they’re going to like my book and the creative credentials I can bring to the organization.

Of course the pay isn’t as high as I’d like and there is some dreaded promotion work. But these days, one cannot be too choosy.

Besides, with some savvy negotiating I think I can get them to throw in comprehensive dental and a paid gym membership at the 24 Hour Fitness Center.

They're in Kabul, aren't they?


Robert Moss said...

No problem! You'll just have to start following Abraham's other son.

Mark said...

Here's a freebie you can use to impress them in the interview. Change the name of the country to Adghanistan.

glasgowdick said...

The other upside is I won't have to pay to send my kids to private school anymore.

In fact my daughters won't be going to any school at all. So they can stay home, do my laundry and darn my socks.

Steve Bland said...

Rich, don't forget to bring the Canadian passport.


Rich, the good news is you are high on their list of possible hires; the bad news is they pay you in figs and goats.