Friday, April 24, 2009

Ain't nothing but a G thang

I don't get graffiti.

It's ugly.
It's indecipherable.
And it's a poor way of marking one's territory and claiming vital market turf.

From a communication's standpoint, it makes no sense.
Particularly in today's world of emerging media.

How refreshing it would be if today's O.G's, as the kids like to call themselves, were to jump on the Twitter bandwagon....

Downed a couple of forties wit my homeys: Sleepy, Smokey and Clownie.
10:29 AM April 22nd from web

Hanging at the corner of Jefferson and Main. Selling weed. Checking out the homegirls.
1:38 PM April 22nd from iPhone

@Loco. Yo Holmes that’s our corner.
1:44 PM April 22nd from web

Not anymore. Didn’t you get Paco’s email about this last week?
1:46 PM April 22nd from iPhone

@Loco. No holmes, I didn’t get no E-Mail?
1:47 PM April 22nd from web

Yeah, he also posted a link on Facebook. And he IM’ed yo ass.
1:48 PM April 22nd from iPhone

@Loco. My ole lady jacked my laptop.
1:49 PM April 22nd from web

Dude, you gots to check yo bitch.
1:53 PM April 22nd, from iPhone

@Loco. Yo, you don’t be talking about my bitch, Bitch.
2:09 PM April 22nd from web

Whatcha gonna do about it?
2:10 PM April 22nd from iPhone

@Loco. What am I gonna do about it? I’ll tell you what I’m gonna do about it. You and me. Some online Scrabble. Now!
2:13 PM April 22nd from web

Bring it homeboy!
2:14 PM April 22nd from iPhone



funny funny

Anonymous said...

some graffiti is definitely must be referencing "tags"

glasgowdick said...

Tagging, graffiti, the painting of other people's property against their wishes, it's all vandalism to me.

And there's no aesthetic argument otherwise.

Anonymous said...

it's not ALWAYS against the wishes of property owners. most the time, yes...but not always. i've seen some really beautiful street art that is appreciated by all, including owners. just saying.

glasgowdick said...

Be that as it may, assclowns like Clownie, Joker and Sleepy are not as nuanced as you and I and see any graffiti, commissioned or not, as license to pollute the neighborhood with their "art."

That's what so sad about the demise of the newspaper business. Because what these kids need to do is put down the spray paint, buy a decent bicycle and get themselves a paper route.

Claudia said...

Some of them fall off freeway overpasses while they're tagging. Darwin's a bitch.

glasgowdick said...

Funny you should mention that:,0,3482875,full.story

Scroll down to the middle

Claudia said...

I wonder how many readers of our esteemed local fishwrap took that as a serious (bleeding heart) call for something -- anything -- to be done to solve this scourge of our urban youth.

Robert Moss said...

Call 311 and you can get it removed. I used to have to call every month. Not nearly so often anymore. They seem to have moved on.