Sunday, March 15, 2009

Sabbath 2.0

There is much I don't understand about Jews and Judaism.

The lifetime ban on lobster tail and baby back pork ribs.
And the incongruity of a people who can pick themselves up from a holocaust and build an entire nation from scratch, but remain unable or unwilling to mow their own lawns or fix their own flat tires.

Most troubling however, has to be the concept of the Sabbath. I understand the whole resting notion. I like a daytime nap as much as the next fellow.

But we Jews, who seem so savvy and able to devise a good plan and follow through on the execution, have got this Sabbath concept all wrong.

Of course I speak of those Hasidim who, every Friday Night, put on their Sunday best clothing and literally walk miles to the nearest synagogue for Shabbat services. All that sweating and schlepping and kvetching.

If Rest is the goal, doesn't it make more sense to pile in the Nissan Pathfinder and drive?

Or at least call a cab.

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