Tuesday, March 9, 2021

The Work From Home Blues

 This is an unpaid endorsement.

Actually, it's less of an endorsement for Peloton and more of a testament to the beauty of the Work from Home phenomena. 

I suppose if we had to thank Precedent Shitgibbon for anything it would be his Covid Debacle. Because he dropped the diseased-meat in the dirt, many of us are now, and have been, absent from the cubicle farms and the Long Table of Mediocrity™, and working comfortably in our sweats whilst enjoying the beauty of a 10 second commute.

This gives me ample freedom to throw on the padded shorts (to protect my sensitive ass and scrotal region) and hop on the Peleton for a quick 15 or 20 minute HIIT or Climb Ride.

As you can see from the chart, generously sent to me by the Peloton Big Data Department, I had an unusually productive February. I even re-took my FTP test and improved my results by 20%. 

You fellow Pelotoners will know what I'm talking about.

I think you'll also appreciate an important PeloHack, I've discovered. You see, many of the classes, coached by the over-zealous and over-locquacious millennials, can be short-cutted and silenced. If you turn on the subtitle option, you can mute the annoyingly peppy Peloton peeps, play your own music, and finish the workout without feeling like you've been to a sweaty Tony Robbins MotivationalFest.

In addition to my Peloton, I also have the used free weight and short rack system I purchased from Hollywood Mega-Writer Steve Levitan.

You can re-read that story here.

Evidenced by my compulsive behavior, I was lifting 7 days a week. And not seeing the results one might expect, my advanced 44 years of age notwithstanding. I've now cut back my lifting routine, more volume, less sheer power, and noticed some new rippling through out my body.

It's either that or the DiGiorno Rising Crust Pizzas we've been dining on lately.

And that's the downside of working from home.

While it's great to have my strength and cardio workouts available to me 24 hours a day and within rubber band shooting distance of my office, working from home also puts me in arm's length of our usually-stocked kitchen.

In fact, I better jump on the Peloton right now and burn some carbs. 

My daughter recently found a Culver City deli that carries great bagels and the best whitefish salad I've had since living near Monsey, NY. And that's saying something.

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