Tuesday, March 2, 2021

No Shame to their Game

It's Saturday morning as I write this. Tomorrow Captain Fuckknuckle will take the stage at CPAC to give one of his trademarked "speeches". 

Meaning he'll bitch and moan about an election that was not stolen. He'll badmouth President Biden, whose roll up the sleeves work and competency has put more 50 million vaccine doses into American arms. And he'll angle to position himself as the frontrunner for the 2024 Presidential race. 

Though to be sure, he is not running for president again. 

It's simply lip service to raise money and wield his populist power over the braindead sycophants who have thrown in with him and hope to snag their share of his equally braindead base.

But what is stunning about this Fourth Reich spectacle is the abundant lack of shame.

Witness the gold plated shabby statue (10 bucks a shot to get a photo with the Golden Gaffe™) placed outside the CPAC convention, taking place in the spacious Joseph Goebbels Grand Ballroom.

This comes not even a week after the country surpassed the grim toll of 1/2 million Americans taking the Dirt Nap and feeding the maggots because of Covid. 

All because Grandpa Ramblemouth "wanted to play it down." While mocking the idea of wearing masks. While calling for "patriots" to "liberate" their states. While arranging super spreader events to feed to his manbaby ego.

And this comes less than two months after the Trump Insurrection™, for which Precedent Shitgibbon was impeached (his 2nd) and a mob of crazed neo-fascists stormed the Capitol building and threatened the lives of our Vice President and the 535 members of Congress in an attempt to overthrow the government of the United States of America.

Can we just take a moment and sit on that? 

They were willing to trash 240 years of American democracy, shit on our Constitution and render null and void the sacrifices made by every man and women who served in the military to defend our liberty and way of life, all in the service of a lying, lazy, golf playing con man who bankrupted every business he ever touched, cheated on all three of his wives, stole money from a charity, ran a scam university, condoned the murder of an American journalist, blackmailed allies for political dirt, and played patsy to Vladimir Putin!

And he has the balls to show his face in public? 

Not only does he lack the genetic material to exhibit shame, so do so many who still hold power. Complete and utter subservient bottom dwellers like:

Senator Ted Cruz

Senator Josh Hawley

Senator Lindsey Graham

Senator Tom Cotten

Rep. Marjorie Taylor Green

Rep. Jim Jordan

Rep. Matt Gaetz

Rep. Lauren Boebert

If these hate-mongering, violence inciting douchebiscuits had an ounce of self respect they'd resign, go work at Cinnabon or stay at home with their heads buried under a tear-stained MyPillow.

Perhaps the inability to express shame should not be all that surprising. It's just not in our nature. As my friend Matt from Australia put it.

"I love the way you Yanks have a Super Bowl and then declare the winner a World Champion, particularly when no other country in the world plays American-style football."

Yup. that's America.

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