Monday, February 1, 2021

Trolling Trump

Last week some enterprising Floridian paid an airplane banner hauling company to fly his message at 10,000 above sea level and circle the grounds at Mara Lago, the home of our most disgraceful, traitorous, unfit-for-oxygen 45th ex-president.

You might have caught his masterful trolling on the news. (see pic above)

I was in tears. 

For several reasons. First and foremost, why didn't I think of doing that? Second, why, if one chooses to go as big as an airplane banner, would this gentlemen or gentlewoman not consult a professional copywriter for maximum snarkage?

Worst President Ever, is true. But it's also so first round. It's pedantic. Obvious. And lacking in flair. 

"Too on the nose", as many of my former creative directors would tell me.

And so I thought, I could do better. We all could do better. 

And maybe we should. 

That's right, I have begun seeking out quotes on aerial media displays in the greater West Palm Beach area. If you know me at all -- my sympathies -- and have followed this blog for any amount of time -- more sympathies -- none of this should come as a surprise.

Maybe you even saw this on the news and thought,  "I wonder if that's Siegel's heavy handed work?"

Or must I remind you of my many trips to Trump's National Golf Course in lovely Palos Verdes, CA. 

I haven't received any pricing yet, but I can tell you that if it's not prohibitive, I plan to pull the trigger.

My 44th birthday is coming up, and this would make an ideal present I would give to myself.

If the cost is prohibitive, well that's where you come in. 

I know I have enough angry readers who would like nothing more to throat-punch the former president, the absolute worst in US history, with some professional grade wit. 

And so an online contest will be in order. 

For a $25 entry fee, your submission will be considered for lift off. You can even get a cool preview of how it would look with this easy-to-use internet generator.

It's gotta be short, not so sweet, and hopefully buzzworthy. 

I knocked these three out in 5 minutes. 

What have you got?



Jarvis said...

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Rich Siegel said...


Matt Watson said...

Rich, My parents live in Atlantis FLA.

I don't recommend visiting anywhere in the state (but I live on the west coast). I can tell you that Lantana airport is across the street from Atlantis. As an aside JFK hospital is also next door.

The airport was closed every time Trump visited Mar a Largo. Likely the secret service were worried that someone would Kamikazze a plane into Mar a Largo. It is very close by.

I would imagine there are many pilots/plane owners that were pissed off that their airport was continually shut due to Trump.

I would e-mail this airport for rates. You may find a sympathetic pilot or 100.