Thursday, February 18, 2021

Double the Illumination Fun


When we last spoke with Brother JJ aka Kid Dynamite of the Illuminati, I was instructed to wire the money for my initiation via the money transfer station conveniently located inside many Walmarts.

I told him I was more a Target customer. But, oddly enough, he's a bit of an expert of money transfers from American retail outlets.

And making sure there would be no fuck ups even offered another reliable vendor in his scamming routine.

But his expertise in money sending capabilities is only surpassed by my expertise in stalling.

Never demoralized, Brother JJ lets out a little more line.

And so I oblige and bite harder on the line.

And to nobody's surprise, Brother JJ is willing to take more money.

Also not surprising, he's also willing to haggle.

Even more pleasing, Brother JJ has offered his assistance and knowledge in the arena of homophobic medicines.

How can you not love these guys?


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