Thursday, December 3, 2020

An Unfair Fight

Just finished another argument with my wife. 

To be clear, it was an argument not a fight. My wife and I don't fight. At least nowhere near as much as my father and mother did. Those were knockdown, plates thrown against the wall, cooped up in a NYC apartment for too long, airplane-loud fights.

I inherited some of that famed Gotham/Glasgow temper but have worked hard to replace it with a more healthful California sense of Zen. Not always successfully, as co-workers in my early days of advertising will tell you.

In any case, at the end of this very argument I thanked my wife. "For what?", she said. For giving me my last blog posting of the week.

As my coffee was brewing I contended that Nancy Pelosi should leap at the opportunity to impeach Precedent Shitgibbon again. For his continued abuse of power, for taking a sledgehammer to our Constitution and for doling out presidential pardons pending cash contributions. The latter charge would require a further look at court documents that were revealed on Tuesday by the DOJ.

She countered by saying, "he's only got two months left in office and no one cares. Don't be silly."

And perhaps she's right. 

But then I rewound the tape and played back a different "discussion" we had several weeks ago when we both reached the conclusion that Democrats are Pussies. Concurring on the point that if the shoe were on the other foot (see picture above) the Republicans would be marching into the Senate with their typo-filled Articles of Impeachment all laid out.

That seemed to land. She sat stunned in silence.

Furthermore, I added, the impeachment could be fast tracked and sent to the Senate before the Georgia runoff. 

"What does that accomplish?" she countered again.

It puts David Perdue and Kelly Loeffler, both low life millionaire GOP Senators who benefitted from insider stock trading following the initial release of Covid info, directly on the hot seat.

If they vote to acquit in the face of all the damage Commander Assnapkin has foisted on this country they will look like greedy, principle-deprived, morally-bankrupt scumbags who have turned their back on the US Constitutions and their fellow Americans.

She waited until I was done ranting, took a deep breath, and said, "So what, they're Republicans."


Debbie --1

Rich -- 0

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