Thursday, December 5, 2019

Welcome to Screenland

Yesterday I wrote of my unbridled love of the NY Times. The Old Grey Lady wasted no time returning the love, with a sprawling love letter of its own to my fair city, Culver City.

I'm not sure you can get past the paywall to see the link to the Times, and so as a service to our lazy readers who can't be bothered to click on a link, allow me to summarize with screenshots.

Amazon is coming. The monstrously huge building is slowly taking shape. Replacing the old Culver Studios where I have shot many a commercial.

One time we were on the soundstage adjacent to Mad About You. During the lunch break I had the opportunity to meet Paul Reiser, who was eerily just like the character he played. I also met his co-star, Helen hunt, who was nothing like the charming and affable character she played. (restraint points taken for not making any rhyming jokes.)

As if that were not enough, Apple, Google, HBO, and an assorted number of other tech companies are also shaping the footprint of the place I call home.

Speaking of homes.

Outrageous right? Because along with the rising real estate prices comes the rising traffic, the rising population and the rising of my blood pressure when I walk into a local restaurant and can't get a table for an hour. My only solace, particularly during these slow times in advertising, is that the equity of my modest home continues to multiply. 

So when the phone doesn't ring or I get ghosted on a gig (an increasingly common phenomena) I'll always have Zillow. 

Mmmmm, Zillow.

And finally, because of our idyllic Southern California weather, I can always just hop on my Cinelli 10 speed bike and race down to the ocean via our scenic and bucolic Ballona Creek.

There's nothing like living in the cement jungle. Nothing.

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