Tuesday, December 17, 2019

That's how it's done.

I want to apologize for yesterday's lengthy sojourn into amateur academics.

That's clearly not my forte but I feel the need to arm fellow resistors with facts, should they find themselves in arguments, online or IRL, with near-sighted followers of Captain Ouchie Foot.

Today, we're also treading on new territory.

A couple of weeks ago I was handed a blind referral. A small non-profit client in Orange County needed help with some TV spots and an online long form video. Although it's been slow, I have been enjoying a late year spurt of activity. Nevertheless I was happy to lower my day rate and jump in on this interesting project.

Without disclosing any details, the assignment was right in my wheelhouse.

There were no bureaucratic hoops to jump through, no FFDKK's™, Frivolous Fuckwadian Digital Knick Knacks, and no need to put on a shirt or even pants, meaning I could do the job in the comfort of my own home. (I apologize for planting that revolting image in your head, even though I am bench-pressing a healthy 245 lbs.)

But as happy as I was to take on the assignment, it pales in comparison to how happy the client was to have hired me.

I don't make a habit of publishing the ecstatic reaction of clients, mostly because it comes off as a humblebrag. And more accurately, because it just doesn't happen these days.

And that's what makes this newsworthy.

You see, we sadly live in an age of unreturned emails, rampant ageism and unexplainable ghostings.
So yes, this type of response is not only mind blowing it's also refreshing. But it will also pay dividends.

You see, it's my experience that TV scripts, or scripts in general, need to be revised. And go round after round (sometimes 17 rounds) of changes.

And while I like to think I always go the extra mile for clients, even when making often painful revisions. Because of the client's initial joyous reaction, I will go the extra mile for her and might even do it with a smile on my face.


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