Thursday, June 21, 2018

This guy broke the mold

Letter #19 in my Thursday thrashing Series.

Just when I think I have mined this vein and couldn't possibly find a bigger doucheweasel Republican, one comes slithering out of the swamp.

Today it's David Perdue, another dead ringer for the pedophile Senator from the Godfather.



Senator Perdue
455 Russell Office Building
Washington, DC 20510

Dear Senator,

You're a peach. 

That's not a just a semi-clever reference to your standing as Georgia's junior senator, I mean you're a peach. 

As in one of a kind.  
A standout.  
Unique in every sense of the word.

Let's face it, you're not one of the handful of US Republican Senators who normally grabs a headline or even gets digital ink on the interwebs. But yesterday, you changed all that. You bravely ventured into the dangerous waters of our current immigration crisis -- and yes, separating babies from their mothers merits the word crisis -- and you took a stand, albeit one that might be associated with a Vichy collaborator or a career minded colonel in the Third Reich.

At a Senate Press Conference designed to address  $15 billion in wasteful spending cuts, you said, "This (the spending) is the No. 1 topic in America today."

Adding that the situation at the border where young children were being pried away from their mothers by uncaring border patrol agents was simply, "...the current shiny object of the day."

 Bravo, Senator, Bravo.

You have given the word cavalier new meaning, new context and new resonance. That's no small feat.

Of course, this should come as no surprise. You literally have a Black Belt and a PhD in Cavalierness, stemming from your long storied business career. 

Following your time at Georgia Tech, where you were a brother at the Delta Sigma Phi fraternity --how surprising --you put in time at Sara Lee, Haggar, Reebok, and Pillowtex. 

You remember Pillowtex don't you, Senator?

You spent 9 months there. 

Enough time to give birth to a generous compensation package of $1.7 million. While simultaneously driving the company into the ground and pink slipping 7,650 workers. The closing resulted in the largest single-day job loss in the history of North Carolina. 


With that kind of financial acumen, is it any wonder you found your way into our esteemed halls of Congress?

It goes a long way towards explaining your indifference to the suffering of these brown "people", I use quotations marks because I'm not certain that you see them as fellow human beings.

I can just picture you and your wife and your two sons David Jr. (that's not cliché) and your other son Blake (nor is that) gathered round the huge 70 inch flat screen 4K TV in your palatial estate on Sea Island, downing a pitcher of mint juleps and watching the drama at our southern border unfold. 

I have no problem imagining you, perhaps in a seersucker suit or at the very least proudly wearing a flag pin in the lapel of your navy blue blazer, sitting in your leather club chair and taking no small amount of glee in the plight of a screaming mother who just watched her 17 month old daughter being hauled off to a Tender Age Shelter.

And then in a mighty display of cavalierism, I can hear you topping your colleague and fellow warrior of the Fourth Reich, Corey Lewandowski, issuing the following response...

"Womp. Womp. Womp."

Have a nice day, Assclown.

Rich Siegel
Culver City, CA 90232

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