Monday, September 25, 2017

Go Huskies. Go Buffs.

It's Monday morning where you are.

But it's still Friday morning for me, where I am writing this post 36 hours in advance of the kickoff between the #6 ranked Washington Huskies and the University of Colorado Buffs.

I know the phrase has been used many times in the past, perhaps even overused by zealous copywriters, but this truly is a Win-Win situation.


Because I have a daughter attending each of these magnificently overpriced out-of-state universities.

The gold flake on helmets of both teams, I paid for.

Those state of the art stationary bikes on the sidelines to keep the players warmed up, I paid for.

That giant flag emblazoned with the huge CU letters, I paid for.
And let's not forget the big W flag on the other side of the field, I also paid for that.

I look around Folsom Field and everywhere I look I see the fruits of my labor.

From the fringy epilets on the shoulders of every band member to the cashmere sweater draped over Ralph the Buffalo, because we wouldn't want the 1500 lbs. Bison getting cold in the frigid 52 degree evening air.

But none of that matters, because regardless of the outcome of the game, I rooted for the winner.

Compounding my incredible good luck is the fact that my wife, my brother and myself are here in Boulder, with both my daughters -- so this literally is a Win-Win-Win-Win-Win situation.

Monday Morning Update: I was secretly rooting for the Huskies to win and they did. Beating Colorado soundly, 37-10. Meaning they still have a chance to go to the national championship for a rematch against Alabama. And I would enjoy nothing more than another opportunity to dropkick Lou Saban and his Krimson Tide, a team that would no doubt show up at the White House for a meal with Precedent Shitgibbon.

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