Wednesday, September 20, 2017

Click bait

Athletes have benchmarks.

For baseball players it's 3000 hits. There's even a 3000 Hit Club. Here you'll find legends like Pete Rose, Derek Jeter, Hank Aaron and Rod Carew, who is related to me through some weird connection of marriages and cousins on my wife's side.

In football, passing for more than 50,000 yards is worthy of note. You might have heard of Peyton Manning, Drew Brees and Brett Favre. How could you not have heard of Brett Favre, he's hawking all kinds of shit on TV, from copper plated healing belts to Wrangler Jeans to worthless micro-shavers that make for terrible Father's Day gifts.

Bloggers also have a benchmarks.
At least this one does.

Prior to last week, I had never had a posting get more than 3500 page hits.

Oh, I had come close.

The post about Why I Sucked as a Creative Director was a Hall of Fame entry. Apparently people like hearing me detail all my faults and misgivings.

The follow up, Why I Sucked as a Creative Director Part II, was equally popular with folks who could just not get enough Siegel humiliation.

More recently, the telling of the tale involving my most fucked up elevator ride exceeded all expectations.

And of course, I could never go wrong with pictorial pieces on Russian Dating sites, always a fan favorite.

But as I had mentioned, last week that all changed.

I posted a piece I had written rather quickly -- hint, when I get mad I write really fast. As it just seems to pour out.

It was juxtaposition piece about how Martin Sorrell saw the future of advertising and how I saw it from a more in-the-trenches POV.

The response couldn't have been bigger.
It ripped through the charts. With a bullet.

Last time I looked, it had 3,937 views. Just short of my personal benchmark of 4000.

If I can lure 63 of you to click the link above I will be a happy man.

Oh who am I kidding?

I'll just be a slight less grumpy man.

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