Monday, December 21, 2015

Your Yule Tide Log Video

By now many of you have gotten soused at the company Christmas party.

Media companies have showered you with their year end swagger.

And your supervisor has given you the well-worn speech about why there are no bonuses and the attendant "belt-tightening", "sagging economy" and the "fractured disintermediated landscape yielding unpredictable revenue streams."

But you're probably thinking to yourself it's not really Christmas until Siegel rolls out another December yarn about the age old Caganer.

As a refresher, the Caganer, or Shitter for our non-Hispanic friends, is a staple character in any Nativity Scene; as important as Mary, the virginal mother, Joseph, the cuckolded husband and Old Man in Robe #2, the mysterious bearer of Myhr.

If you look closely at many official nativity scenes you will see the Shitter standing just outside the hut, or the manger, or whatever that half-assed lean-two is called.

While the Baby Jesus is being born, the Shitter is also busy with a delivery of his own. He drops a coiled Lincoln Log onto the land signifying that the Saviour has arrived. And, that the heavy mutton and potato soup he ate for lunch has successfully completed its digestive journey.

I mean no offense by any of this. I'm simply regurgitating -- for lack of a better word -- the tale of the Caganer as I understand it from my scholarly Wikipedia research.

The 25 foot high Caganer pictured above makes regular annual appearances at a mall in Northern Spain.

Not to be outdone, residents of another town deep in Catalonia, have painted a 40 foot high Caganer of their own. Loop it and it can be your own yule tide log video.

There's also been a clever nativity scene meme floating around the Internet. As you might have guessed, the Caganer or even any allusion to the Caganer was sadly omitted.

That is, until now.

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