Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Me and mister, mister Jones

It'd be easy to pile on the hatewagon and do a scathing post about the Coiffed One. But frankly, like Mr. Trump's scalp, there's not a lot of uncovered territory.

Instead, I'd like to spend a few moments on this assclown.

His name is Alex Jones. You might not know of him, but millions of his fellow conspiracy theorists do.

We just marked the 3rd anniversary of the horrific mass shooting in Sandy Hook. And I recently came across an article about Alex Jones who shared his twisted theories about the killing of 20 schoolchildren that was allegedly faked in order to further the cause of gun control.

Despite the blood, the carnage and the unconscionable loss of innocent life, Mr. Jones insists it was all a False Flag -- a staged operation orchestrated by masterminds in the Federal Government. Let's just gloss over the fact that he believes there are masterminds in Washington, DC, the same people who gave us the incomprehensible tax code, can't manage the VA and spend billions of dollars for stealthy fighter jets that don't fly and are not stealthy.

By the way, according to Mr. Jones, the San Bernardino shootings, the Paris Massacre, the Boston Marathon bombing, the Ft. Hood murders, the multiple attacks in Mumbai, the London 7/7 tragedy, and even 9/11, were all False Flags.

Mr. Jones spouts his completely unsubstantiated theories on a syndicated radio show called Info Wars, a little ironic since nothing he claims is backed by any real information.

And yet he has his followers.

Thousands, if not millions, who dine on his diet of half truths, innuendo and veiled anti-Semitism. Listen long enough and you'll hear all about the Illuminati, the Rothschilds, the Trilateral Commission, the Bielderberg Conference, the New World Order, Mossad and the Free Masons.

How do I know about this?

I've made the mistake of tripping into his dark conspiratorial rabbit hole. And it's not very pretty. You could do a little investigating of your own. But it's nothing but a waste of energy and good Internet bandwidth.

You'd be better off watching skateboarders smack their nuts against handrails.

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Salty said...

Can i watch skateboarders smash *his* nuts on a handrail? That would be the proverbial win-win.