Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Post P90X



Four days ago, on Dec. 31, 2011 I officially completed Tony Horton's P90X program. For 90 days I faithfully retreated to my garage for a grueling mixture of weight training, cardio plyometrics and Yoga. Additionally, I amended my long afternoon swims into a high intensity interval sprint swimming and virtually eliminated all processed carbohydrates from my diet.

As you can see the results were astounding. I lost a roll of fat around my belly. And my bra size is now down to a 56 GGG.

OK, those aren't the real pictures. But I'm still not exactly Speedo-ready. However, I did complete the highly-disciplined program. I didn't miss one workout. I lost 12 lbs. in three months. I feel stronger than I have in years. And now I can knock out 7 unassisted pull-ups.

It's a wonderful feeling, particularly when I look back to my personal journal entry on the first day of the experience when I asked myself, "What the hell have I got myself into? I might have bit off more than I can chew."

The truth is, I was sore at the beginning. And many of the moves were challenging and undoable. But as I tell my daughters, persistence is everything. It is more important than talent. More important skill. More important than any blessings given to you by the Flying Spaghetti Monster in the Sky.

Which brings me to the best part of P90X, the infomercials.

Now when I see the ubiquitous Tony Horton and hear his cheesy aphorisms I no longer have to wonder, "Should I pick up the phone and order the DVDs? Can I do all those difficult exercises? Will I look like all ripped and toned like Tony when I'm done?"

Because now I have all the answers.

Yes. Yes. No.

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