Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Just Fugging with you

The 2011 College Football season is now in the books, culminating with last week's drubbing of the LSU Tigers by the Tide of Alabama in the Liquid Plumber with Activated MicroCrystals Bowl.

It was an exciting season though I will admit I did not follow it passionately. To be honest I don't follow college football with any regularity. Not since my team, the Syracuse Orangemen, won the Championship back in 1959.

Obviously that predates me, so it's clear that I don't follow college football at all.

But I did catch the tail end of the Liberty Bowl on the recent New Year's Eve, which tells you how exciting my life can be. And I did see Vanderbilt Defensive End Tim Fugger get walked off the field after a severe ankle sprain. And I did go reaching for my DVR so I could snatch this picture of the player in his agony (and I'm not referring to his foot).

In the past, I've documented sad athletes with unfortunate surnames like Putz or Schmuck. But those pale in comparison to this poor Fugger. I can't imagine the grief rained upon him in the locker room, "Hey who took my deodorant spray? I'll bet it was that Fugger." 

Or how about the colorful comments in the stands when the Vanderbilt team is playing on the road.

"Block that Fugger."

"Would somebody hit that Fugger?"

"Don't let him in the backfield. Put a body on that mother Fugger."

I could go on all fugging day.

Editorial note: In the rereading of this fugging post it has become clear that I've now sunk to a new low. I apologize and declare an end to my experimentation with decaffeinated coffee.


george tannenbaum said...

The publishers of The Naked and the Dead persuaded Mailer to use the euphemism "fug" in lieu of "fuck" in his novel. Mailer's version of a subsequent incident follows:

"...The word has been a source of great embarrassment to me over the years because, you know, Tallulah Bankhead's press agent, many years ago, got a story in the papers which went...'Oh, hello, you're Norman Mailer,' said Tallulah Bankhead allegedly, 'You're the young man that doesn't know how to spell fuck' You know, the four-letter word was indicated with all sorts of asterisks... I thought she [Bankhead] should have hired a publicity man who had a better sense of fair play." (1968 Panel Discussion, CBLT-TV, Toronto, moderated by Robert Fulford) From "Conversations with Norman Mailer", 1988. Edited by J. Michael Lennon.

The band The Fugs took their name from this word.

Bob said...

Speaking of the Fugs, Ed Sanders was a co-founder of the band, and also wrote one of the definitive Manson Family books, "The Family."

Now you can all go Fug yourselves.