Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Castor de Mal

Right now the Aderatti are gathered for the annual yankfest in Cannes.

They're drinking champagne, eating pate and lighting their cigars with company-wide memos about salary freezes and belt-tightening. I've had numerous campaigns short-listed and honored at the Cannes Advertising Festival, though I've never actually been there. It's not like I feel I'm missing much.

From the pictures I've seen, there's a lot of cigarette smoking, fat men in Speedos and chest-thumping 'house' music.

My wife and I went to France many, many years ago. And while I enjoyed the museums, the food, and the rich history, what I remember most were the crappy continental breakfasts. Everywhere we went was croissants and cold cereal. You can't even get an omelet in the morning. Why would Hitler want a country like that?

I could go on and on about France and the French. But, like most of the advertising at Cannes, none of it would be as inspired as this...

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rebrivved said...

Evil Beaver rules!