Monday, April 12, 2010

We have now begun our initial descent

A few days ago, a diplomat from Qatar was arrested after having a smoke in the bathroom and allegedly threatening to take down the airliner with a Richard Reid type shoe bomb.

The captain alerted the FAA (who scrambled two F-16 fighters) and landed the plane. But not without incident.

The president had to be alerted.
Emergency ground crews had to be quickly assembled.
Runways had to be cleared.
And a hundred and fifty passengers had to be put through a terrifying ordeal.

All because some half-wit (on his way to visit an imprisoned Al Queda inmate) had to quench a raging nicotine fit.

Had the TSA been doing their job, Mohammad Al Madadi would not have been permitted to board the plane. Not because he's Arab, but simply because he fails to meet the minimum IQ requirements.

In all their wisdom the FBI has decided NOT to press charges against this colossal douchnozzle. And no restitution has been offered.

But that doesn't mean the good people of Qatar are getting off scott free. Oh no. Because we Americans have every right to vote with our checkbooks.

I, for example, have just got off the phone with my travel agent and canceled our upcoming summer vacation in Qatar. I explained to my daughters they're not going to visit the Qatari Institute of Enlightenment or the Qatari Hall of Noble Peace Prize Winners. Nor will they be able to enjoy the rich tapestry of feminine art produced by the legions of great Qatari female painters and sculptors.

That will all have to wait.
Perhaps a few centuries.

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