Thursday, April 8, 2010


Unlike the other Siegel men, I had a full head of hair up until my 40th birthday.

Then the follicles started dropping like the glass vases at a Mexican china shop during a 7.2 earthquake.

I considered all the remedies: Rogaine, plugs, toupes and testosterone reduction therapy (excess testosterone, it turns out, can cause baldness.)

All of which seemed expensive and completely unnecessary, particularly since I'm already married. It's not like I'm going on any J-dates anytime soon.

I've been resigned to curse my baldness in the dark. My desire for hair has laid dormant for many years. That is until I passed this irresistible option.

The 1-877-HAIR-650 company can restore my former fullness for only 67 cents per hair. I have yet to determine how many hairs I would need, but with a couple of more freelance assignments coming up, I may have the means to turn the clock back.

Of course, I'm no fool. If I do pull the trigger on this, I'm going to wait for their Memorial Day Buy One Hair, Get One Free Sale.

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