Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Reading is fundamental

There's not a lot of concurrence amongst ad people. That agency does great work. That agency blows. He's a hack. She's a genius. They're a sweatshop. They have free bagels.

But on the topic of travel, there is unanimity.
Travel sucks.

No one, with the exception of those trapped in a bad marriage, enjoys getting on a 6:15 AM flight to Detroit to spend three days holed up at the Dearborn Courtyard Inn. Even if it is across the street from Michigan's finest falafel stand.

Leisure travel is not much better.

Recently we took the kids for a weekend getaway to spend some quality time together in a 450 sq. foot room. Staying at a big resort is never my idea of a good time, but it's what my wife wanted to do and since she is such a good sport about my afternoon napping and bad wardrobe choices, I went along for the ride. It was not without its rewards.

I noticed this sticker affixed to the low ceiling wall.

Here's the deal.

If there's a fire in the hotel and your room is reduced to ashes and your body is burnt beyond recognition because you hung your Mississippi State Football T-shirts on the fire alarm sprinkler head causing it to malfunction, your family should not be seeking recourse with the J.W. Marriot Corporation.

Their beef, and the beef of anyone in your genetic swimming pool, is with a Mr. Charles Darwin.

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