Tuesday, February 2, 2010

A very special blog entry

Years ago, I had the pleasure of being invited to an ABC Network Sweeps Meeting. There, the President of Entertainment hosted a round table of top brass from all of ABC's hit shows. (There were very few people in the room.)

One by one the execs pitched lame-o ideas intended to spike the ratings. There was a surprising lack of imagination. Weren't these, after all, the drivers of American pop culture?

"What if Tim gets cancer?"
"We think Michael should have a heart attack."
""First the dog gets hit by a car, then the dad gets a brain tumor."

Thanks to that meeting I grew to have a crystal clear understanding of the term, "A very special episode."

Sadly, ratings here at roundseventeen are down.

Either I've been too busy spending my time with writing assignments that actually put food on my table. Or you, the loyal reader have become bored with my antics. Perhaps a little of both.

So in the the spirit of Network sweeps and the sincere hope that I can goose the web traffic, I give you the world's greatest washing machine commercial.

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