Thursday, February 11, 2010

Boccaccio Botched

Last night on Jeopardy the word Boccaccio came up in one of the clues. That's not a word you see everyday. But to a pre-pubescent boy with raging hormones and a mustache just aching to be set free, it was a word filled with magical carnal visions.

Let me explain.

If you were to look on you'd find a movie called Boccaccio 70 made by Frederico Fellini in 1962. It was an Italian film composed of four vignettes about the evolving sexual mores of the 60's. In one of the shorts, a voluptuous Anita Ekberg plays a 50-foot tall blond woman plastered on an outdoor billboard for milk. She had the mystical ability to step out of her billboard to tease a prudish college professor upset with her ample cleavage.

I never missed an opportunity to watch Boccaccio 70 whenever it came on TV. If only to fantasize about a giant blond woman snatching me from my adolescent hell and nuzzling me in her Scandinavian bosomage. Keep in mind this was long before basic cable or today's ubiquitous access to the pornographic arts.

Out of sheer curiosity, and because this week's posts all seem to have an element of nostalgia, I went to Google images did a search for Anita Ekberg.

And now I have one less happy place to go to.