Thursday, February 18, 2010

Finger Whiffing Good

Today, the humor gods smiled upon me.

I wanted to find out all about the buzz (pun intended) regarding LA's newest crop of legalized marijuana stores.

It struck me as so odd that, with a doctor's note in hand, I could walk into virtually any strip mall shop and walk out with a $40 ounce of high grade weed.

So I decided to check out and stopped by the Natural Ways Always store on National Blvd. You can spot an "herb" shop by the tell tale green cross.

The minute I walked through the door I caught whiff of that magical aroma that brought back so many memories. Well, there would have been memories had I not been so high.

To my surprise, an ounce of marijuana no longer sells for $40. To my even greater surprise, as I walked back to my car I spotted another legalized marijuana store not more than 100 yards away. And that's where providence prevailed.

Someone had the good sense to take a business that no longer enjoyed an abundance of demand and turned into a business with a near limitless supply of demand.

Of course if it were left to me, I would have left the word "FRIED" on the storefront.


laura l. sweet said...

Think they sell it by the bucket?

Jeff said...

Original or crispy?