Monday, December 7, 2009

Worst. Mom. Ever.

Last week the Los Angeles Times ran a lengthy expose on the tragic death of 6-year old Daevon Davis.

Davis was brutally murdered by the ex-boyfriend of Daevon's mom (and I use that word lightly), Tylette, a 23-year old mother of six...uh, make that five...children. It also detailed the years of drug abuse, neglect and total irresponsibility of the entire Davis clan.

When asked why she let her daughter run around at night and have so many unwanted pregnancies, Tylette's mother responded, "The girl needed her leisure time."

The Davis family is no stranger to tragedy. One of the uncles or cousins or brothers, (I couldn't keep track) was killed in a scuffle with the LAPD. They claimed he was an innocent choir boy on his way home from bible study, so the family sued and now they are awaiting a huge court settlement.

The story put my wife in tears.
It sent me directly to the keyboard to fire off a letter to the newspaper.

This weekend the LA times printed my missive, almost verbatim. Of course, with the demise of printed media, their circulation is not what it used to be. In fact, this blog actually has more regular readers. So for the 7 million of you who no longer read the newspaper, here goes:

(Re; Abuse begets abuse in a family's brutal legacy, 11/30/09.)

The Lord does not close a door without opening a window. Thankfully, this poor family has a $2.6 million dollar judgment pending. And as Tylette's mom stated, "...we can buy a 6 bedroom house so all my grandkids can live under one roof and Tylette (recently arrested for trying to stab her current boyfriend) can get custody of her children again." I only hope the Davis family saves some of that taxpayer money for the essentials of living: whiskey, cigarettes and crack cocaine.


Anonymous said...

I so agree with dad was in town and read the article to me that day...

His quote "This is what is wrong with the welfare state...what motivation do they have to get off the public dime?"

He has a point in this case....

Rich Siegel said...

Not mentioned in this article but cited in previous pieces about this story: at a public hearing in front of the city council one of the speakers got up to say how this was a complete failure of government. Councilwoman Glorina Molina, hardly a rightist, interrupted and pointed out how Tylette had benefitted from almost every conceivable public funded program including welfare, food stamps, transportation assistance, educational and vocational training.

The only thing government didn't do was give her the winning numbers in the upcoming Super Lotto.