Monday, December 21, 2009


I know it's snowing and cold all along the East Coast, but here in Los Angeles it' s perfect December weather, 75 degrees and sunny. So naturally I found myself down at the beach. A lot of surfers were out today to catch some high rollers.

One dude was coming out of the water wearing his wetsuit. Before he grabbed his board to go back to his car, he unzipped the back of his wetsuit and rolled the top half down, exposing his hairless chest. That's when I noticed something that I had never seen before.

His nipples were very close to each other. Not like just a little close but really close. They couldn't have been more than 6 inches apart.

Had I been quick enough, and sly enough, I would have snapped a picture of his odd nipple placement with my iPhone. Sadly I did not. And I apologize to readers of this blog who have come to expect that level of professionalism.

But to give you an idea how unique this beach sighting was, I did a little internet research. You can go on the web and find men who like horses. Women who dig midgets. Couples who are into trampolines and chocolate.

That's the beauty of human sexuality. There's a little something for everyone.

What you won't find however is, men with nipples too close to each other.
Go ahead google the phrase.
I did.

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