Tuesday, August 27, 2019

But wait there's more.

Today is all about Synergy.

And for those of you who might be wondering, yes, I did a Google Images search on the word and purposely picked the cheesiest, most woke, depiction.

That, I might add, was no small task. Because if you were to replicate my search you would find pages and pages of tired, simplistic and anodyne images, enough to fill a million once-opened powerpoint decks that are now destined for the digital landfill.

So why synergy? Because as you are reading this on a fine Tuesday morning, I am at a recording studio doing a podcast with my former writing partner and current TBWA CEO Rob Schwartz. He generously invited me to chime in on his Disruptor Series. Though, as I made clear to him, I'm not sure what I have disrupted.

Nevertheless, it's an opportunity to pimp my new book. Mr. Siegel Writes to Washington. You can be certain I'm also going to mention this blog. That's what we call brand amplification.

OK, I would never use those words. Those are usually spoken by the younger, more polished people in the room, usually while I'm in the bathroom or stuffing my craw with free danish.

As readers of this blog know, I'm not big on marketingese, nor after 35 years in the business, am I clear on the rigors or science of what it is we do. I only know that when the metal is hot you've got to grab the brass ring.

Something to that effect.

And so to complete today's synergistic circle, I'm bringing you some unsolicited, uncompensated reviews from satisfied readers.

From Director and ad legend Gary Johns...

From another ad legend, the pithier Luke Sullivan.

And from a slew of happy readers who have made my book the 2037th bestselling book in the Civics and Citizenship category (one of the most popular on Amazon, I'm told) I give you these...

Well, there it is. A pretty compelling and synergistic case for adding my book to your cart.

Will this be the last time you'll ever hear me hawking my wares?

Probably not.

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