Tuesday, June 14, 2011

You luv me long time

Two milestones were reached recently. Our nation's debt ceiling hit 14 trillion dollars. And roundseventeen now has more than 50,000 hits.

I'll leave the former to the economists and my grandchildren. But with regards to the latter,
50,000 Hits !!! Now granted, 20,000 of those hits are me checking the stats or fixing the numerous typos that pop up with far too much regularity.

But 50,000 hits? Maybe I should start charging a subscription fee?

You may be wondering why I chose the above photo for this entry. I simply entered 50,000 into the Google image search and was immediately drawn to some weird Asian Android app site. No doubt Congressman Weiner has this uploaded this on his smartphone.

I know from past experience that pictures like the one above always result in increased traffic. I know it's a cheap tease, but you seem to be the kind of people that like cheap teases. It's all about meeting the demands of my market.

Speaking of which (as I have done on many occasions in the past), it's time to roll out a new tagline. And because you are so much a part of what this blog is all about, I thought it would interesting to make this a participatory activity.

Below you'll find three new taglines. The one that garners the most votes will remain until we pass another milestone or it's a slow news day and I just need another topic to write about.

A. Roundseventeen. No shoes, no shirt, no snark.
B. Roundseventeen. Irrelevant, and built to stay that way.
C. Roundseventeen. Now with 23% more cynicism.
D. Roundseventeen. ___ ___ _ ___ _____ ____ __ _ ________.

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James A. Madsen said...

I'm a long-time fan of your work, and relatively new fan of this blog. However, I am not a fan of any of these. Maybe it's because I'm old and I like things the way I like things, but I like the current tagline.