Thursday, March 11, 2010

Shut your piehole

Recently, an art director I was working with suggested I change some dialogue in a script to make it sound more contemporary. Having embraced a new spirit of flexibility, I yielded and summarized a teenager's expression of shock with the simple, "for reals?"

It pains me to even write that down.

I know this is the "get-off-my-lawn" old man in me talking, but here are some other expressions I will not ever commit to ink:

"my peeps."
"get my drink (or any other verb like eat, sleep or shower) on."
"who's ready to party?" (party is not a verb)
"that's sick."
"that's tight."
"that whack."
"Awesome." (there are 8 wonders in this world that might qualify as awesome. A cheeseburger, a cup of coffee or even a sweater are not one of them)
"let's bounce."
"at the end of the day."

Yesterday I added another phrase to the list.

While at the DMV, I overheard a man on phone telling his friend, "this place is crackin!" I can think of a 1000 adjectives to describe the DMV environment and the DMV experience. Crackin' doesn't even make it to the 100.

In fact, I still don't know what "this place is crackin" means, but it's a safe bet I won't be using that expression even if I did.


Jeff said...

Dude, not even dude? Aw dude...


Are you acquainted with George Tannenbaum's blog, You have much in common, including being of the Jewish, New York, advertising persuasion and worrying about the decline of the English language.