Tuesday, March 2, 2010

No business like show business

Studio Exec A: What do we have next?

Studio Exec B: We got COP OUT, a buddy comedy with Bruce Willis and Tracy Morgan?

Exec A: Who is she?

Exec B: He, sir. He's on a TV show.

Exec A: I don't watch TV.

Exec B: Anyway, it's a cop flick.

Exec A: Good. Reviews?

Exec B: Not good. Very bad, sir.

Exec A: How do you screw up a cop flick with Bruce Willis? Who directed this piece of crap?

Exec B: Kevin Smith, sir.

Exec A: Oh Jesus. He hasn't had a hit since...has he ever had a hit?

Exec B: I'll look into that, sir.

Exec A: We need a publicity stunt. Something big. Something that's gonna get all over the interweb. Maybe we can do something with one of our marketing partners.

Exec B: I don't know what we're gonna do with this overrated, fat-ass gasbag.

Exec A: Wait. What did you just call him?

Exec B: Overrated?

Exec A: No.

Exec B: Gasbag?

Exec A: No, no the other thing.

Exec B: Fat Ass?

Exec A: Bingo. I've got an idea. Get me Southwest Airlines on the phone.

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