Monday, March 29, 2010

A Sisyphean Challenge

Years ago, while shlepping the mail cart up and down the hallways at Needham, Harper & Steers, my fellow mailroom mate, Jim Jennewein and I dreamed of publishing cartoons in the New Yorker.

We spent countless hours drinking beer and ingesting other narcotics and maybe one hour actually coming up with ideas. This ratio of BS-ing to actual production of ideas is a constant and can be seen in action at advertising agencies and TV writing rooms throughout the land. I believe once Einstein had cracked his Universal Theory he was about to codify this mysterious formula for creativity.

But I digress.

Jim has posted many of the cartoons he has been working on over the years on his fun blog.
I hope he continues to publish more weekly. In addition to being very funny, they're drawn in an engaging style that is further testament to Jim's talent.

They say getting a movie made in Hollywood is tough.
Jim has done it five times.
He'll tell you getting a cartoon published in the New Yorker is tougher.

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