Monday, June 15, 2009


Last night, my brother came by the house to watch the Laker game and have a little BBQ with the family. In the middle of the second quarter, a complete, total stranger walked in the back screen door of my house and said to my wife, “I don’t know why I’m here, I only know I’m supposed to be here.”

He was young guy about 28 years old , clean-shaven and, at about 140 lbs, quite non-threatening. Nevertheless, my wife and daughters were quite freaked out at the sight of this strange young man in my kitchen.

I spun around off the couch and tried to get my head around the situation as quickly as possible.

As he tried to explain why he opened my driveway gate and walked into my house, I grabbed the young man by his arm and calmly escorted him out of my house. I sat him on the front lawn and got him a bottle of water and a banana because I thought he might be suffering from some diabetic shock.

He clearly was not in a right state of mind. At one point he turned to me and said, “I know this sounds crazy but my destiny brought me here and you must accept me into your house.”

Sure, I’ll get the linens out and you can have Abby’s room.

And yet, maybe because I’ve watched too many movies, perhaps I was duty bound to take in this young man. He could fix the fence in the backyard, do some weeding and help me re-insulate the attic. He could be my Man Friday.

My wife called 911 and within 2 minutes three Culver City cop cars had come Starsky & Hutch style in front of my house. In seconds, they had the young man on his back and in cuffs. They determined he was in some state of Meth psychosis and would be placed in a hospital for 72 hours.

But here is the oddest part the story. The man had nothing in his pockets. Not a wallet. Not a phone. Not even a dime. The only thing the cops found on the man was a button from the Athiests Union. (I’m kicking myself in the ass for not taking the button or at least taking a picture of it.)

But I found a copy of it on the Internet….


Mark said...

That was the ghost of Red Auerbach.

Ellen November said...

So Elijah was a few months, so what?