Monday, May 18, 2009

The Mopey Mop

Though lacking in opposable thumbs, it now appears household cleaning utensils have joined the ranks of suicidal animals and nihilistic food products and developed higher thinking powers.

In this oft-played Swiffer spot, a jilted mop seeks to re-ignite his love affair for the local MILF.

He serenades her with song.

And woos her with foil-wrapped chocolate candies.

As if to say, "Please forgive my past transgressions. I live for you to dunk my head in dirty water once more. Let me be the one to lick your bathroom floors and remove from them the dirt, dead skin cells and errant fecal matter."

1 comment:

Robert Moss said...

I heard the inspiration for this campaign came from vendor gift baskets and swag. As if we could be bought with ping pong paddles with an edit house's logo on it. Hmmm... maybe we can?