Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Bite Me

Spotted this oddity on the way to work today. The Hot Dog is adorning his body with all types of condiments. It would appear he relishes the idea of being eaten.

This is not the first time we've seen food advertised in this manner. Remember Charlie Tuna and the efforts he made to be stuffed into a can of StarKist?

Not unlike the plumped up chickens posing as Foster Farms.

Maybe it's just the Creative Director in me, but this is an extremely flawed strategy. If you were a food product and/or animal, with the ability to reason, to walk and to talk, why on earth would you make an effort to get into the slaughterhouse?

Wouldn't you do the opposite? Wouldn't you get yourself a publicist? Make an appearance on Leno?

I'm more inclined to believe the crafty cows urging us to eat at Chik Filet. That makes sense to me. Here we have a species, using their anthropomorphic gifts to further their own self preservation.

Though I have to wonder, if you're a cow with the wherewithal to fashion a TV spot, buy a media plan and produce a fully-integrated advertising campaign, wouldn't you bother to spellcheck your work?


Gassman said...

Knowing you as well as I do, I'm going to assume the 'relish' pun was inadvertent. Or was it?

glasgowdick said...

It was not inadvertent.
I could have qualified it with, pardon the pun.
But I hate people who write apologetically.
If I was concerned about having my pun pardoned, why include it?
So to be perfectly frank with you, I left it in on purpose.

Gassman said...

So not just a pun, but a well placed, completely thought out, and unabashed use of a pun. You are a true genius, Mr. Siegel.

rick rosenberg said...

yeah, it's kind of like one of us humans going up to cancer and saying, "hey, eat me."

Mark said...

What I don't get is advertising on urinal cakes. I'm pissing on your product. That's for giving me an opportunity to vent that long held anger Rich.

Claudia said...

Some people like to have their weiner eaten.

Plaidbus said...

Now that you write this thing, Rich, I miss your cranky rants in the LA Times. I always think, "Now, who's this nutjob?", and then it turns out to be you...

Robert Moss said...

Yes! That hot dog should be running for its life, like Wienerschnitzel's "The Delicious One." But Rich help me out. I've always wondered, if happy cows make great cheese, do happy cows also make great burgers?