Thursday, November 9, 2023

Walk this way

This photo is a little misleading. Correction, a lot misleading. Because I'm not here to kvetch. For once.

It's now been 4 weeks since my surgery. I'm happy to say it's going well. The swelling has gone down. The scar is not awful. And, while I enjoyed the painkillers, the little orange vial is empty and I did not get hooked. 

I've even resumed my real addiction -- exercise. Yesterday I swam a mile. Biked 18 miles. And walked a little more than 4.3 miles. OK, exactly 4.3 miles. 

Movement is good for me. And not just physically. 

As I reacquaint myself with the neighborhood and find myself drifting towards the New Culver Steps and the arts district on revitalized Washington Blvd., I've had the opportunity to snap a lot of pictures. Which can only mean one thing. 

Rich is a lazy ass and doesn't want to write. And, it's also time for another edition of Thursday Photo Funnies.

This was shot from across the street, in the wee hours of the morning.
Not only have I lost my inguinal bulge, I've also lost my ability to sleep late.

You gotta love writers. I miss walking the picket lines.

My neighborhood did not produce one trick or treater, 
but made up for it with incredible decorations.
(Now I have to eat the candy all by myself)

Speaking of which, check out the eye candy at our new local Erewhon.
I might shop there, if I win the lottery.

That's the ocean in the distance.
Note to self: must walk in that direction.

I might have overdone the color saturation.
Looks more like an illustration, now.

Sometimes my walking takes me to lovely Sierra Madre.

Or South Pasadena (South Pas), 
where they have their own Lucha Libre store.

Back in Culver City, we have our own scary clowns
with oversized uninviting bowed legs. Yeah, no.

And overly ambitious graffiti artists
who sometimes actually make real art.

Finally, for reasons that still elude me (well, maybe not)
I have yet to convince Ms. Muse to partake in exotic Hebraic cuisine.

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Awsome...thanks for posting!