Wednesday, November 15, 2023

The game is on

It has been awhile, but it appears I'm back in the business of scambaiting.


Here is the full transcript for folks like me that have difficulty blowing up pictures or who can't locate their industrial strength reading glasses:

Dear Rich,

Recently, a search of likely relatives of a descendant Adrian F. Siegel undertaken by my bank via a Law firm in Hong Kong. The search process has taken place every year since 2013 but a relative has never been found. It will be 10years in December since his demise, and according to the Hong Kong Monetary Authority(HKMA) policy, such estates revert to the Abandoned Estates Division of the HK Administration after 10years.

I work for a Hong Kong bank. There is a deposit account of 35m(USD) in gold assets in my bank previously held by the descendant who died intestate on the 19th of December, 2013. Over the past 3 years, your name has consistently appeared on the Law firm's list submitted to my bank as a likely relative of the descendant because of your surname. Yet, a relative has not been found in 10years. I have realised that my bank never actually contacted any of the likely relatives to check if they are related.

I have written to propose to you to stand as the relative of the descendant and apply for the estate as the only known relative.

If you accept my proposal, I need you to know that I will be handling the legal charges that will arise if you agree and consent to my proposal to stand as the relative of the descendant. For your role in this, I am willing to give up more than half of the assets to yourself. I ask for your consent to partner with me for the claim of this estate. If your application is approved by the court, the assets will be transferred to your name and you will transfer my share to me. All documentation and applications will be handled by a Law firm paid for by myself.

You will apply as the next of kin, one of the several names on my bank's list for this year. With your consent and permission, the application will be processed on your behalf by a Hong Kong law firm that I will engage on your behalf. I can ensure success because I have access to internal bank documents that would corroborate your relations to the descendant. The totality of the proceeds of known assets will be credited directly by my bank to your bank account in your country after the approval of the Court as the only known relative.

I've been planning this for some time and by my calculation, this is totally risk free as:

i) Your name is on record as a possible relative of the descendant in my bank.

ii) I am in a position to facilitate a successful outcome of the process with the Hong Kong High Court because I have access to documents and information to back up your application as a relative of the descendant.

The provision of any additional documentation that may be required during the process of application will be handled by the Law firm that we engage. You will only be required to endorse or sign documents. The whole process of your application may take up to 6 or 8 months but your application will be approved eventually.

I implore you to please consider my proposal. Your earliest response to this matter would be highly appreciated.

Richard Wong.

And here is my retort:

Dear Mr. Wong,

OMG, I can’t believe it. I was sure I had lost all contact with great, great uncle Adrian, named after his aunt Adrianna, who lived in Mykonos and thought she was a mermaid until she was carted off by the people with the padded busses.


My great, great uncle Adrian fled Lithuania in the late 1930-‘s when the wax sealer business went sour. Advancements in postal sorting machines turned out to be the end of folks sealing their missives with little red dollop of hot wax. Hence, it was off to Hong Kong, where he made his millions in the Export/Export business.


Uncle Adrian knew that if many of the local peddlers in Tsang Kwano were doing Import/Export, he would have to zig while everyone else was zagging. 


None of us have heard from Uncle Adrian since 1958, the year of the Sheep Incident, the details of which are very sketchy. And possibly too lurid to discuss in the course of careful legal transfer of millions of dollars.


On that matter, and others that may pertain to the proper execution of the estate, I must insist of receiving 60% of the proceeds. It is standard practice in the United States to split all monetary awards of the court 60/40, client/attorney, respectively.


If we can agree on that that we can agree to move forward with the transfer of the $35 million held in gold assets. Begging the question, would I be paid in bullion, bars, or coins like the ones we have at Hannukah?


Please advise.


And by all means let’s get this process going as quickly as possible. 


Your new client,


Chet (Richard) Siegel

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