Thursday, April 21, 2022

Back in the saddle

My neighbor, who lives two doors down from me, is a genuinely nice guy. 

My problem with him is he's young. Much younger than me. And therefore he can do the things I used to do but can't do anymore: like running marathons and triathlons.

Like all triathletes he is obsessive about the sport. 

You have to maintain a demanding workout schedule that allows the human body to swim an ungodly distance, hop out of the water and onto a bike with a narrow hard seat that tends to anesthetize the nether lower regions, and then hop off the bike, slip into some running shoes and tack on double digit miles.

I imagine it would be hard for anyone I went to high school with to believe I did all that, on a semi-regular basis, considering my apparent non-athleticism of my misspent youth. But it's true.

My neighbor, let's just call him A., has a home bike tune-up guy come out to the house to render professional grade level bike service. Apparently Super Bicycle Repairman does great work. So I decided to give him a call to haul away the three bikes I had gathering cobwebs in my garage, for a major makeover.

The bike pictured above is an Italian made Cinelli. I bought this bike back in 1984. And paid top dollar ($1700) at a store that specialized in gear for triathletes. 

As my wife always told me, "You get what you pay for."

As opposed to my excessively-frugal father who would often say, "You have anything less expensive?"

I'm told the 21 lbs. steel-frame Cinelli, which is still in remarkable condition considering the thousands of miles I've pounded on it, is a classic. You can imagine the Bike Guy's delight to see such a stalwart of the past. 

Moreover he was quite excited to work on it. Less so with the two other cruiser bikes I'm having him fix up for my daughters.

I'm looking forward to getting in the saddle, at least the biking saddle, and see if I can return this 64 year old body to its former 44 year old shape.

That probably would require a greatly reduced alcohol intake, but that's not gonna happen.


gl said...

Don't forget to replace the tires and tubes or you could have a nasty blow out. Also, don't cheat yourself on new tires.

Sean Hardwick said...

See you on Strava, Rich