Wednesday, November 11, 2020

The Blue President that will turn us Red.

Sorry that politics has dominated this week's R17 postings. But it is. And it will. At least until normalcy and optimism returns to the White House.

Naturally, this week we've been hearing quite a bit from trumpsters who found themselves on the short end of the voting ballots. It's not like I don't have sympathy for them, I do. I think we all remember how we felt on November 9th, 2016. And we remember that dreaded empty void in our guts wondering what fresh hell this orange haired, orange skinned sack of maggot-infested post digested fried chicken would heap upon this great nation.

We were not wrong.

He took a healthy economy (4.7% unemployment, 2% GDP growth, less than a trillion dollar annual deficits) and crapped all over it. Shuttering thousands of businesses. Giving tax cuts to rich corporations. Sending millions to the unemployment office. And blowing up the debt by 7.3 trillion dollars in one term.

He took a sledgehammer to healthcare. Throwing millions off the ACA and threatening to blow up the entire healthcare system. With no replacement. All during an out of control pandemic that is killing 1000 Americans a day while he works on his chipping and putting.

And he has set fire to every institution that once made this country the greatest on the planet: free press, rule of law, equality and prosperity.

Now, his faithful followers are in the sad shoes we wore 4 years ago. And they are issuing warnings. 

They're convinced that Joe Biden will singlehandedly bring Communism to America, destroy Christianity, sap our bodily fluids, and institute draconian laws that mandate unisex bathrooms, dogs fucking cats and the abolishment of football, baseball, basketball and hockey so that we may all be forced to sit in front of tiny black and white TV to watch the unwatchable sport of soccer.

If that weren't shocking enough, these are the same GOP lemmings, who only a few days ago were crowing that in his 47 years of public service, Joe Biden had accomplished NOTHING.

You do the logic on that, because I can't.

Nevertheless, here's what I do hope President Joe Biden, I can't believe I'm writing that, will accomplish:

* Easier Access to Education. I have nothing against private schools. My kids went to private schools. But only because we could afford it. And because we had no confidence in the public schools. That has to change. All schools should deliver quality, accessible education. Including universities. And trade schools. This country does not run on white collar labor. Let's adopt the very successful system used in Israel. In return for a year of service to the country (military or otherwise) let's offer young people FREE education. The math on this is not hard.

* Wage Equality. Angry workers in this country did not lose their jobs, manufacturing or otherwise, to immigrants. They just didn't. They lost it to corporate greed. CEO's making 1000X what their lowest paid and hardest working employees making. Greedy C-Suite boards who ship jobs abroad so they can take advantage of cheap labor in China and all of South Asia. Consequently profits grow, stocks rise and the rich get obscenely richer. While the poor get shabby red golf caps. Made in China. This fucking system is broken. We don't have to toss it out but we have to fix it.

* Universal Healthcare. You will never know how important this issue is until you or someone in your family finds themselves in a position of needing advanced healthcare. It is scary. And it is expensive. Mind-blowingly expensive. For the life of me, and my family, I cannot understand why Americans are so opposed to a system that works in every other country in the world. It's as if we are afflicted with a collective brain eating disease. I hope President Biden (damn I love saying that) fixes it.

Bring on that sweet sweet communism, Joe.

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