Thursday, November 5, 2020

so close to the end

Today's post is going to be exceedingly short. For a number of reasons.

It's Wednesday, late afternoon as I write this. Coming off a hangover from an Election Night that could not not have been worse. What should have been a landslide and a total repudiation of the Trump Fascist regime was not. Leaving my less than stellar impression of fellow citizens, impossibly even less than stellar. 

Not only did we not flip the Upper Chamber, a roomful of old white bloviating douchewaffles, it appeared we were going down to defeat in the White House. Leaving all us staring at four more years of misery, incompetence, sickness and death. 

And leaving me staring at bottle of Woolford Reserve Rye Whiskey that was doing little to ameliorate the agony.

I went to bed, tired, broken and with a throbbing headache. Lady Insomnia, and my dog with her noisy collar, came knocking around my at 4 AM. After a whiskey piss I returned to bed but could not fall asleep. I opened up my iPhone to check on last night's disaster and lo and behold, Minnesota, a pillar in the northern rust Belt Blue wall, came through.

I took to twitter and what was last hopeless had now turned hopeful. I watched through the day as Biden picked up Wisconsin and Michigan and Arizona, with great momentum still in Pennsylvania. Nevada is the only obstacle standing between Joe Biden and the rebirth of our once great nation.

It has been exhausting. And, I suspect, it will continue to be. Particularly after watching the Rudy/Eric/Cory Lewandowski side show in Philadelphia. 

He's going to go down, kicking and screaming and scorching every square inch of the earth in his vicinity.

I am hopeful, but I also wish I could fast forward to January 21st, 2021.

As readers of R17 know, for me at least, this nightmare can not end fast enough.

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