Wednesday, February 8, 2017

The beauty of Integration

That's Hello Kitty Motor Oil.

What, you don't use this high quality lubricant in your car?

You don't keep those cylinders prrrrrring so your engine can respond with cat-like reflexes?

Damn, I can do these shitty feline play on words all day. And sadly, some poor copywriting schmuck already has.

But I've got better things to do today. We're only two days removed from the Super Bowl. And with it all those clever Super Bowl 360 degree brand extension consumer engagement thig-a-majigs.

Between Wendy's Frozen Other Guys website and signing up to follow the Michelin man's twitter account, there's no way I'm going to have time to get on The Google and hunt them all down. But I am all too familiar with the time and energy wasted creating this clutterific salesfuckery™.

You see it's not enough to wring every last ounce of energy from a creative team in order to come up with a winning Super Bowl idea, today, in 2017, that idea must also be accompanied by a digital gamechanger.

And that's no small order. Particularly when that game changing idea comes under the scrutiny of a team of seasoned 26 year old Content Strategists -- whose collective business acumen is simply unmatched.

"We should do something with Snapchat. People who drive $90,000 BMWs' love Snapchat."

"I like the idea of giving Mr. Clean a makeover, I'm just not sure it's "on brand", know what I'm saying?"

"Last year we had a fundraiser at Kappa Alpha Theta using Instagram. It was really fun. It was a fun fundraiser. We should do something like that for Ameritrade."

That's all the time I have for today. I have to upload a backlit picture of me eating an unwrapped Snickers bar from a side angle...

Wait a minute.


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Patrick Scullin said...

I love to be friends with corporations, but I never know what to get them for their birthdays.