Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Kim Jung Fun Part Two

Taking advantage of the warm natural light at the Pyongyang fishery, Dear Leader eagerly shows off his new peacoat from J. Crew.

Know who else enjoys these Kim Jung Un photos?

My old boss, legendary advertising icon Lee Clow. This is quite flattering as Lee has made a living tossing out good ideas in favor of great ones. 

He's even gone so far as to "favorite" some of my Kim Jung Fun tweets on Twitter. If I could only get him to hit the ReTweet button instead, so that his 8 gazillion followers would see it, I might be able to swing a book deal.

I like to imagine Lee strolling over to his computer, sipping his coffee, clicking on my tumblr page, smiling and thinking to himself…

"Oooo, I wonder what kind of funny stuff Brian has posted today."

Here's another from the archive:

Health Inspector asks Dear Leader to refrain from stuffing crackers in his pocket. And assures him there will be free samples after the tour.

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